Jr. Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Children 3 to 4 years old

1298211790-nutrition1As children reach three years of age, there is a noticeable increase in readiness and excitement to learn new skills. The bilingual Jr. Pre-Kindergarten program of our private preschool is specifically designed to meet the needs of this challenging age. The curriculum is divided into themed units that encompass a wide variety of high-interest subject areas. Each unit is part of a learning web and includes skills that touch upon social, emotional, cognitive, language, fine, and gross-motor areas of development.

The units include activities that introduce pre-math, pre-reading skills, and language development. Each child is provided with a colourful workbook. The classroom is divided into Learning Centers that are designed to enhance specific skill areas and introduce the concept of organization, as well as helping to develop grouping and classification skills.

The private Jr. Pre-Kindergarten program in our West Island daycare features the use of a 60” electronic computerized SMART Board. This cutting-edge technology is used in various elements of our curriculum, including pre-math and pre-reading.

Creativity and Expression

1298211772-nutritionCreativity and expression through art is undeniably one of the most powerful vehicles through which young children develop. In addition to in-class art activities, the three year olds have access to our Art Studio. This dedicated space enhances and maximizes their art experience. The process rather than the product, namely the exploration itself rather than the child’s achievement, is what we focus on. The Art Studio in our Jr. Pre-Kindergarten is very well equipped with every art material your three year old could imagine.

Children in this age group have access to a wide variety of enriched extra-curricular activities provided by external specialists. The activities enhance your child’s educational experience and help them discover their individual uniqueness. They include Music, Yoga, Science, Storytelling, Computers, Dance (Ballet and Hip-Hop) and Gym.

In addition to our Junior Pre-K curriculum, we offer a Senior Pre-K Curriculum as well as Infant Daycare and Toddler Daycare curriculum. Each has a unique program carefully designed to meet your child’s developmental and learning needs.

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