Our Comprehensive Daycare Curriculum and Programs

The Learning Tree is pleased to offer diverse and bilingual daycare curriculum and preschool curriculum tailored to each stage of your child’s development, from infancy to pre-kindergarten. Enjoy the perfect blend of academic growth, enriched activities and special events, ensuring a holistic nurturing and stimulating environment for your child.

infant daycare - private daycare curriculum
Infant Curriculum
Our Infants’ program is designed to be in rhythm with your child’s individual habits and routines. We work with you to ensure that your child receives the personalized care and attention he or she needs.
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toddler daycare - private daycare curriculum
Junior and Senior Toddler Curriculum
Our Jr. and Sr. Toddler Program is specifically designed to help toddlers gain confidence and control over their emotions, explore their environment and gain language/communication skills.
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Preschool Curriculum
Our bilingual Junior Pre-Kindergarten Program is divided into themed units that encompass a wide variety of high-interest subject areas while our Senior Pre-Kindergarten Program provides complete preparation for formal schooling.
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Enriched Activities
Our Enriched Activities include Music, Storytelling, Yoga, Computers, Gymnastics, Science, Dance, and Drama.
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Special Events
Our Special Events include a Thanksgiving Dinner, Halloween Party, Grandparents’ Day, a Christmas Dinner and Party, a Winter Carnival, a special Graduation ceremony event, Ballet/Hip-Hop recitals, breakfast with the Bunny, Multicultural Week and much more!
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The 5 Principles of Our Program

Our daycare curriculum is based on 5 fundamental principles:

  1. Embrace uniqueness. Every child is unique. Our educational activities are designed to meet your child’s unique needs, passions and pace of growth.
  2. Guide and support. Children are the main actors in their own development. Their growth depends on their individual abilities and motivations. In this context, the adult plays the role of guide and support, helping the child to become independent.
  3. Cultivate a holistic approach. Holistic growth defines a child’s development. Our educational program covers multiple facets: emotional, physical, social and ethical, cognitive and linguistic.
  4. Promote play. Children learn through play. In childcare, play is not only the primary objective but also the foundation of our educational strategy.
  5. Encourage a collaborative approach. A seamless partnership between childcare providers and parents is essential to a child’s balanced development.

The 6 Learning Pillars of Our Daycare Curriculum

Physical Skills

We focus on enhancing motor abilities, ensuring that children develop both fine and gross motor skills. Activities include hands-on tasks and physical play, fostering agility and strength.

Socialization Skills

Encouraging interactions and group activities, we help children build essential interpersonal skills, understand social cues, and foster friendships, creating confident and cooperative individuals.

Language Skills

Our curriculum introduces children to language nuances and effective communication. Through stories, conversations, and interactive sessions, they refine their verbal and written expression.

Cognitive Skills

We stimulate young minds with problem-solving tasks and logical reasoning activities. This approach sharpens their analytical thinking and prepares them for academic challenges ahead.

Emotional Skills

Recognizing and managing emotions is vital. We create safe spaces for children to express feelings, understand empathy, and develop resilience, guiding them towards emotional maturity.

Artistic Skills

Nurturing creativity, we introduce children to various art forms. Through painting, music, and drama, they unleash their imagination and appreciate the beauty in self-expression.

If you would like more information about our amazing daycare curriculum and unrivalled private preschool curriculum, please contact us. The following sections may also provide answers to many of your questions: About us, Our Facility, and All-inclusive Monthly Tuition Fees.