Our Facilities

Computer Lab

Facilities-Computer LabOur Computer Lab is equipped with 10 computers that have a wide variety of age-appropriate educational software including programs in pre-math, pre-reading, arts and spatial awareness. The Jr. Pre-Kindergarten (3’s) and Sr. Pre-Kindergarten (4’s) classes receive weekly instruction from our computer specialist.

The children thoroughly enjoy their Computer Cats time. They are quick learners and are eager to move ahead to master the next skill.



3. LibraryOur library’s main goal is to provide the children with an environment dedicated to the magic of literature and to make them eager readers. We operate similar to a school library, in which we use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to help us navigate through our collection of over 2500 books in both official languages. We also have a wide variety of Big Books which maximize the storytelling experience. The children also get a chance to learn how a library operates.

Our Library has a 60” electronic computerized SMART Board. The SMART Board is a cutting-edge technology used by the children in various elements of our Sr. Pre-Kindergarten (4’s) & Jr. Pre-Kindergarten (3’s) programs, including pre-math, pre-reading and many other exciting applications.


1298249392-gym3Our 1200 square foot gym is a dedicated space well-equipped for gross motor activities and games. Each class has a designated daily time to visit the gym, allowing for gross motor activities to take place even when there is inclement weather and we cannot go outside.

We have hoops, tunnels, balls, scooter boards, parachutes, bean bags, ladders, a balance beam and crash mats, to name but a few items. A myriad of games and activities take place in the gym, including Running Relays, manoeuvring through obstacle courses, playing team games, ball bouncing, beam balancing, riding scooter boards, hiding under giant parachutes, wiggling through hoops and going through tunnels.

The gym is also used for our yoga, ballet and hip-hop classes, the Tête-Aux-Pieds gym class and a host of events such as our graduation ceremony and our annual theatre production of The Wizard of Oz.

Le Petit Bistro

5. BistroWe are especially proud of Le Petit Bistro. Every attention to detail was considered when designing this unique space and in meeting the needs of the young child relating to nutrition on various levels.When the children come down from their class to eat in Le Petit Bistro, they know it was made just for them! They feel right at home, relaxed and ready to re-nourish their busy bodies.

In addition to the highest quality ingredients used for our snacks, breakfast and lunch, food presentation is also very important: even the dishes are cute and specially child-sized, with colours that match the wall tiles!

The food preparation and food storage areas were also carefully researched and planned for, meeting all of the required hygiene and safety codes.


When it came to “outside play”, we designed our Playgrounds environment with “nature” in mind. The children explore their environment in both open areas and under shaded mature trees offering protection from the sun. We have gentle hills in our large playground area that make for fun “bobbing and weaving”, along with a gazebo and large shaded sandbox. In the middle of it all is a large pirate ship with a lookout tower and slides from which many make-believe stories have sprung! In the summer, children help tend a kitchen herb garden that lies just adjacent to the covered picnic table enclosure.

Playground Children 1
Playground Children 2
Playground Children 3

We also have another playground that has been more specifically designed for Toddlers. It includes a covered area for picnics or art projects, a covered sandbox and a large area with softly-padded wood chips incorporating riding toys and bouncy ride-ons. This playground area provides plenty of opportunity for sand and water play on warm sunny days.

Playground Children 4
Playground Toddlers 1

Our third playground area is our “Fantasy Village”, a favorite with all the children and with little play houses that are scaled to their size. The “Fantasy Village” includes a Fire Station, a Play House and a Food Market equipped with all the props necessary for hours of “make-believe” play. A paved “roadway” path, with safety play traffic signs, surrounds the entire village, where tricycles and mini cars speed along and can go through an operational Car Wash ! In the middle of the village is a uni-pavé town square with park benches and a tree.

Playground Children 4
Playground Toddlers 1


Art Studio

Art StudioOur new Art Studio is a dedicated space that enhances and maximizes the art experience for children in our Sr. Pre-Kindergarten (4’s) and Jr. Pre-Kindergarten (3’s) programs. The process rather than the product, namely the exploration itself rather than the child’s achievement, is what we focus on. Our Art Studio is very well equipped and supplied with all kinds of art materials and is sure to awaken the children’s “inner Picasso”!


Sensory Exploration Center

1312767488-Sensory CentreOur new Toddler Sensory Exploration Center is a designated area devoted exclusively to toddlers and their need to explore the environment through their senses. Water play, sand play and pellets stations are just a few of the activities that are permanently set up for your toddler to have the opportunity to explore.