Infant Curriculum

1298212115-infant2Our Infant rooms are truly a special place. We work as a team with you to ensure your child receives personalized care and attention to detail, as well as providing the special support first-time parents often need.

Our Infants program is designed to be in rhythm with your child’s individual habits and routines. For example, there are no set sleeping times. Infants nap when their little bodies tell them to. The Program is also all-inclusive, whereby all personal care items such as diapers, disposable wipes and sunscreen are included.

The structuring of activities for our infants is organized according to the unfolding of daily personal care rituals and customary activities such as music and playing with our wide variety of age-appropriate toys. Personal care activities such as feeding, changing and getting dressed provide the one-on-one moments vital for infants’ well being and healthy development.

Each child has a daily Rhythm Chart that is used for collecting information conveyed to the parent. Sleep patterns, bowel movements and appetite are all recorded daily. This daily exchange of information with parents is vital in order to provide your child with a high level of personalized attention.

Curriculum-Infants pic #2Outdoor play on their very own sun-protected gallery offers infants varied sensory experiences such as feeling wind blowing on their face, the sounds of birds chirping and the smell of fresh grass. We often do water and bubble-blowing play here as well.

Our other programs include: Toddlers, Junior Pre-Kindergarten and Senior Pre-Kindergarten.

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