Sr. Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Child writing skillsOur bilingual Senior Pre-Kindergarten Program provides complete preparation for formal schooling. We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that balances self-directed activities with structured learning opportunities. The classroom is divided into Learning Centers designed to enhance specific skill areas.

Children of this age continue to construct their personal identity. They are learning to establish themselves both as individuals and as members of a group. Their self-confidence is emerging as they discover ways to meet these needs, express their creativity, make choices, strive to meet challenges and in general become increasingly autonomous.

We increase the children’s exposure to pre-math, pre-reading and “hands-on” science concepts. In addition, as each child demonstrates readiness, we introduce them to paper-pencil tasks. Each child is provided with colourful workbooks along with a special primer pencil to enhance their enjoyment of this first time “big school” activity.

13. Child on SMARTboardLanguage development is enhanced through real, meaningful, complex everyday situations. Our wide variety of activities includes vocabulary building, storytelling, daily life skills and exposure to children’s literature. Our goal is to have your child ready to enroll in a 100% French or bilingual kindergarten classroom.

Our Sr. Pre-Kindergarten Program features the use of a 60” electronic computerized SMART Board. This cutting-edge technology is used in various elements of our curriculum, including pre-math, pre-reading and science.

Creativity & expression through art is undeniably one of the most powerful vehicles through which young children develop. In addition to in-class art activities, the four year olds also have access to our new Art Studio. This dedicated space enhances and maximizes their art experience. The process rather than the product, namely the exploration itself rather than the child’s achievement, is what we focus on. Our Art Studio is very well equipped with every art material your four year old could imagine!

Children in this age group have access to a wide variety of enriched extra-curricular activities provided by external specialists. The activities enhance your child’s educational experience and help them discover their individual uniqueness. They include Music, Yoga, Science, Storytelling, Computers, Dance (Ballet and Hip-Hop), Gym and Drama. In addition, children can take individual piano and Suzuki violin lessons. Field Trips are also an active part of the program. We offer a wide variety of field trip locations and parents are encouraged to come along.

1298222276-prek4Parents can expect daily communication with their child’s teacher as well as two written assessment reports.

Our other programs include: Infants, Toddlers and Jr. Pre-Kindergarten.

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