Our Comprehensive Curriculum and Programs

Infant Curriculum
Our Infants program is designed to be in rhythm with your child’s individual habits and routines.
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Junior and Senior Toddler Curriculum
Our Jr. and Sr. Toddler Program is specifically designed to help toddlers gain confidence and control over their emotions, explore their environment and gain language/communication skills.
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Junior Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
Our bilingual Jr. Pre-Kindergarten Program is divided into themed units that encompass a wide variety of high interest subject areas.
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Senior Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
Our bilingual Sr. Pre-Kindergarten Program provides complete preparation for formal schooling.
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Enriched Activities
Our Enriched Activities include Music, Storytelling, Yoga, Computers, Gymnastics, Science, Dance, and Drama.
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Special Events
Our Special Events include a Thanksgiving Dinner, a Halloween Party and Magic Show, Grandparents’ Day, a Christmas Dinner and Party, a Winter Carnival, and much more!
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