Browse through select testimonials from our clients and discover what parents are saying about The Learning Tree!

Thank you to my teachers for being so kind and welcoming. Ever since I started school at The Learning Tree, I have been a lot happier about going to school! I was skipping up the stairs to class yesterday singing “I love school!” On the weekend, I ask my daddy to “go to school now!” I tell my mommy about my friends and show off my new talents to my grandma every day! My teachers encourage me to be myself, without any pressure or judgment, even when I refuse to use the potty or eat my lunch! They also make life a lot easier for my mommy and daddy and share a lot of lovely pictures about my day. They’re the best!


“I wish to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your program; I can see from our own son in your program, there is a positive attitude and a genuine desire to improve social skills between children.”

Murray S. Katz M.D.C.M., Director, Tiny Tots Center

“I would like to take the opportunity to state that the Learning Tree’s workshop is highly qualified and certified. The approach by the staff is both caring and responsible. The social and educational exposure is of tremendous benefit to the children.”

– Paul Mancini

“I am writing this letter to express once again how happy I am with your daycare. We are very pleased with the values of sharing and caring that are continually stressed at school. I know of no other daycare environment in which students are made to feel part of a happy family of learners.”

– David Nadler, Principal, Windermere School

“Thank you very much for the wonderful tender, loving care that my kids received while they were here.”

– Shirley Dalia

“I really wanted to thank you. Lauren’s time at the Learning Tree has been invaluable. You cannot know how much it means to us that she was accepted here. It has made such a tremendous difference in her life. You guys are the best!”

– The Fowler Family

“I would like you to know what a tremendous job you are doing in directing the Learning Tree. We were very impressed with the fact that you have reinvested the money into new beautiful toys for the children’s development and enjoyment. Congratulation on running the best children facility anywhere not just for overseeing it like a well-run business but for concentrating on the most important factor for all of us, “the kids”. Keep it up!”

– Elizabeth Glasgou

“The Learning Tree is a wonderful setting for young children and it is due to yourselves Linda and Dan and also your excellent staff. I wish you continued success.”

– Susan and Paul Crubalion

“I wish to tell you that I am a very satisfied mother. I am very pleased with the educational approach. Thank you for the excellent work you all do.”

– Marie Lise Lebrun

“Thank you for making my son’s first learning years UNFORGETTABLE!!!”

– Johnathan Porecca

“We are both EXTEMELY HAPPY with the care, love and education that Christopher had received from all of his teachers throughout the four years that he has attended The Learning Tree!
Best Regards and many Thanks,”

– David and Marilyn Isaac

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my warmest thanks for the extreme care and attention you have shown towards my children and family over the many years we attended your terrific Daycare facility.”

– Ilene Zitkus

“What you do is the most important work out there! We can not thank you enough!!!”

– Holly, Martin and Carter Vali

“You should be proud of your excellent reputation and impeccable service provided by all your staff.”

– Carol, Adam and Heather Eddie

“Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Your establishment will come highly recommended by our family. Your educators have been a very important part of our children lives. Their excellence and expertise has been appreciated and acknowledged.”

– Angelo Di Lalla and Rosy Criniti

“I would like to thank the learning tree for all the excellent care and attention that was shown to David. I also have joined in on many activities and field trips and have enjoyed the friends and professionalism of all involved.”

– David Legault and Tanya Mancuso

“I loved bringing my daughter to The Learning Tree because each day she was greeted by smiles and cheer, knowing that Olivia was in good hands left me feeling very peaceful. I tremendously enjoyed all the activities which will forever leave me with fond memories.
Remembering you fondly,”

– Olivia, Flora, Frank and Bianca

“Our experience at The Learning Tree has been incredible. Thank you to all of you that have helped us along the way to prepare for kindergarten with the skills we need to achieve our goal there.”

– Piero and Renzo Ruggiero

“I just wanted you to know what a fabulous job you and the rest of the staff did in regards to the play this week!
I have taught in five elementary schools and have yet to see such detailed costumes, sets and dedicated staff. I am thrilled to have Ryan enrolled in such a great environment. I just wanted you to know that all your hard work is very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed.”

– Laurie and Ryan Watson

“No words can express our gratitude to you for taking such great care of Cathy. You gave her the love and attention that equalled ours. You left a positive impact of the school system in her mind, for which we are grateful. As I said before, we can’t begin to thank you for your patience, love and warmth both to Cath and ourselves. You will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially in Cathy’s!”

– Edna, Mike and Cathy

“I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of my spouse Reem and myself to thank you and all the members of The Learning Tree family for the care and love that Maya enjoyed with you during her only academic year in your wonderful establishment! We appreciate all you’ve done for her.
Respectfully yours,”

– Hany Fawzy

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do, not just for our children, but for all the children and their families at The Learning Tree.”

– Caitlyn, Sarah, David and Diane

“Thank you very much for providing not only a top notch educational daycare facility but a warm and friendly one! Jasmine feels at home every time she walks through your doors and is always happy and excited to return.
Our most kind Regards,”

– Elizabeth Lazaro and Nick Giurleo

“This is just a little note to thank you and your staff for a beautiful three years. The Learning Tree is clearly committed to running a quality program with qualified teachers. Elizabeth has learnt so much in both English and French, I am confident that she is ready for Kindergarten!”

– Lisa and Richard Poliquin

“We are both retired educators and wish to convey to you how impressed we were with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff, the wonderful child centered facility and the efficient organization of all aspects of the building and playgrounds. How fortunate for the children to begin their educational and social experience at The Learning Tree.”

– Heather and Barry McBride

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful 4 years. Everything that we could have hoped for in a learning center you have provided – quality care, excellent stimulation, a warm and friendly environment. Our boys definitely thrived!

– Helen, Eric and Julien Regoli

“Thank you for 5 years of wonderful childcare and education that our girls benefited from at The Learning Tree. They have well taught, well fed, and most importantly well loved. The comfort and security that we felt leaving our daughters in your care was more than we could have ever hoped for! You will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

– Julia & Sydney Corman, Trina and JN

“It has been a wonderful experience for all of us since Jay and Arya enrolled in The Learning Tree. We appreciate the wonderful educational learning experience, the notorious food, and fun activities The Learning Tree has provided to our children. We are thankful to each and every staff whose joint effort in nurturing a wonderful school that gives us as parents the peace of mind and the trust when we leave our children here every day.”

– Abhishek Kumar and Christine Yao Chen

“Thank you for all your help, advice, patience and consideration to Alyjandro. It was a wonderful year, in a beautiful and lovely school environment with unforgettable friends and educators…..people like you change the world!”

– Giselle and Pedro