Daily Parents Communication App

Daily Parents Communication

Your Child’s Activities and Curriculum Development

At “The Learning Tree”, we are proud and thrilled to offer an exclusive, state-of-the-art customized communication app in which detailed daily progress and status updates on their child’s day are sent directly to parents’ smart devices!

With our communication app, we are able to provide parents with a Daily Report highlighting areas such as curriculum development, activities, eating, sleeping, personal care, and social interaction. We can share photos and updates in the classroom, in the various specialized areas throughout the daycare, in the playground and on field trips, and have the ability to privately message parents with individual photos/videos or specific information in real time. Two-way messaging also allows our parents to provide educators with important information such as their child’s health status, early pick-up advisory or pick-up by authorized persons.

Daily Parents Communication

Baby Room Reports

Regular exchange of information with parents is vital in order to provide your infant with a high level of personalized attention. Information concerning eating, sleep patterns, bowel movements are all communicated daily, as well as being able to follow your baby experiencing the wide variety of music, movement and sensorial activities that they participate in each and every day!

Never miss a special moment as we capture photos of your baby’s daycare experience each day!

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Daily Parents Communication

Toddler Class Updates (2’s)

Toddlers at daycare are learning how to interact with their peers. We provide daily updates on how your child is socializing and adapting to new routines. Milestones such as language and cognitive development are all recorded and shared with parents.

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Daily Parents Communication

Junior Pre-K Class Reports (3’s)

Educators share the unit themed activities and the children’s newly learned skills through written updates and photos. Artwork produced in our specialized Art Studio can also be digitally preserved within the app before it even comes home.

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Daily Parents Communication

Pre-K Progress Reports (4’s)

Our bilingual Pre-Kindergarten Program provides complete preparation for formal schooling. Daily communication with parents at this stage is crucial for assessing a child’s readiness for kindergarten. Our goal is to have your child ready to enroll in a 100% French or bilingual kindergarten classroom.

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